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Elias Asmar: Student of Distinction

Student of DistinctionCSU celebrates graduating students who have overcome obstacles, made significant achievements or are fulfilling Cleveland State University’s mission in or outside the classroom.

Today, we celebrate Elias Asmar.

CSU: Have you had any significant Internships/Co-ops/Careers while at CSU?

EA: ?During my time at Cleveland State University, I participated in two significant research experiences at the Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease. In the summer, I worked in Dr. Bibo Li's lab, and later spent a year in Dr. Aaron Severson's lab. In Dr. Severson's lab, my focus was on conducting experiments related to understanding meiosis, a process critical in preventing conditions like miscarriage and Down syndrome. I also completed a thesis and successfully defended it as part of this valuable lab experience.

CSU: How would you describe the connections you have made with the faculty and staff at CSU?

EA: ?I’ve established notable and impactful connections with the faculty and staff at CSU. Advisors, mentors, and instructors have all been crucial in shaping my experience here. As I transition into an alumnus, I'm excited about nurturing these networks further. Leaving CSU, I feel assured that I’ve built lasting relationships and valuable networking connections. The skills I've gained here will undoubtedly help me cultivate new connections and collaborations in my future endeavors.

CSU: How has Cleveland State inspired you for your future?

EA: ?Cleveland State University has been instrumental in fueling my passion for medicine and clarifying my career path. As a freshman, I arrived with uncertainties about my future in medicine and questioned my capabilities. However, CSU has served as a catalyst, inspiring me to focus my career trajectory and ultimately secure acceptance to medical school. The diverse course offerings and supportive faculty and staff at CSU have played a pivotal role in helping me realize my passion for medicine and science as a whole.

CSU: How do you think you have fulfilled the CSU mission (empowering others, creating knowledge, engaging our community and shaping our world)?

AS: ?I have actively contributed to fulfilling the CSU mission through various avenues, such as serving as the President of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). During my time in AMSA, I've guided fellow students through the challenges of pre-medical life and the medical school application process, empowering them to pursue their aspirations. Moreover, I've worked to enhance student engagement, particularly in fostering academic participation within the pre-medical community. These efforts, while seemingly small, are integral in effecting significant changes within our university and nurturing the future leaders who will shape our world.

Congratulations, Elias!